Report By Industry Manufacturers Report 2018 On Portable Water Filters

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Water pollution is a huge issue on most countries and a big challenge for all governments to come in the future. Granting the access to fresh, drinking water for the entire population of a country is becoming increasingly difficult. Wherever there´s a crisis, there is an opportunity to make money and such is the case of most water purifier manufacturers in the world. Read on to find out about the growth of this industry in the last decade.

The Water Purifier Market

We are not talking about a small business and with the estimated growth of it by the year 2022 it is supposed to make businesspeople win over 45 billion dollars. The market is expected to have a two-cipher growth in six years meaning that from 2016 to 2022, the build-up will be of 10.4%. These numbers are huge if we take into consideration that worldwide, the economic growth is set to a 3.9%. Also, recession is expected in the coming years as it has been expressed by most specialized media and major economies around the globe. According to these numbers having a market growing three times as much as the rest is a huge opportunity for investment.

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The water purifier market is growing three times as much as the rest is a huge opportunity for investment.

Will Water Purifiers Solve The Water Issue?

Will the water purifiers solve the issue of not enough drinking water to accommodate the world population? Well, according to current trends, the biggest amount of units is being sold in the most developed countries in the world. This is going against the trend of water issues. Those countries that suffer less from water shortage and have the biggest amounts of resources to back that loss are the ones who are acquiring these purifiers. This does not solve the fresh-water issue for the developing countries in the world at all.

Market Versus Need

Is the market based on the need or the affordability? Are the purifiers a business niche or a solution that can save lives? Currently, the trend shows that there is no global consciousness on the matter, and instead of being a worldwide policy of most endangered governments, water purifiers are reserved for the wealthiest populations. Just like the money issue that is holding governments back from prioritizing the access to water over all polluting industries, it is not distributing these purifiers in the places in the world that need them the most.

Will human kind take on a different approach and make the access to fresh, drinkable water and a minimal of hygiene and sanitation another human right? Or will it go down the path of an economist-ruled world and turn needs into money and lives into merchandise? The water filters industry is looking better than ever and most of the other niches in the world but the ethic basis of selling purifiers to the wealthy while Cholera and Diarrhea are killing the poorest is something that global organisms could have a word or two about.

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