We at Swelia want to make the world a better, more friendly place for our children and all future generations to come. The importance of taking care of our planet today is crucial to the world we will live in tomorrow. We decided to create this blog to share our thoughts, knowledge and research on the water-issue, which we don´t think it is a minor one at all in the world today.

Our Aim

Our aim is to raise awareness, to wake people up from the lucid dream and to break the barriers of individualism that have harmed this world so badly for such a long time. It is not just about you or about me, it is about the world as our only home.

Featured Article

Increased Oil Development May Make Water Availability An Issue


Water is fundamental for the existence of humans and many other species on Earth. The fact that we are going into a state of emergency in this matter slowly but at a steady pace is no news for most of us. So, why is it that human beings continue to prioritize other resources instead of drinkable water? Read on an find out why are oil developments bad for water availability in the world.

Oil Development
increasing flood
Featured Article

How Increasing Flood Has Worsened Water Pollution Crisis?


More water is not always the solution for a thirsty population because it doesn´t necessarily mean that it is drinkable water. The world is facing a very difficult challenge today that links directly to the amount of water available for consumption (like groundwater). Floods, global heating, overconsumption, industrial uses and other phenomenon that are causing depletion of reservoirs at a global level. Read on and find out how floods make it even worse..




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Let’s Act Now!

The world needs more people taking care of the deepest ecologic issues and also bright minds to the service of making the world a better place rather than making money.

If we don´t act together and soon, there might not be a world to worry about tomorrow.



Please contact us and let´s start changing the world together starting now.