About Us



We at Swelia want to make the world a better, more friendly place for our children and all future generations to come. The importance of taking care of our planet today is crucial to the world we will live in tomorrow. According to most experts there is a lot of damage done to the planet that is close to being irreversible. How can we just watch the disaster come by and not do anything about it?

We, at Swelia decided to create this blog to share our thoughts, knowledge and research on the water-issue, which we don´t think it is a minor one at all in the world today.

Our aim is to raise awareness, to wake people up from the lucid dream and to break the barriers of individualism that have harmed this world so badly for such a long time. It is not just about you or about me, it is about the world as our only home. We believe that there are no boundaries for ecologic activism and the actions of every single nation have effect on all the rest, because we are all part of the same global home that is called planet Earth. In this respect, we do not think that the most important decisions are to be left in the hands of state chiefs and presidents without external monitoring such as global entities ruling in favor of the better ecological practices.


We think that if there´s a future to the world we live in today is going to be built by us all and has to go hand in hand with a different way of thinking. Our world is currently being ruled and moved by money in every aspect imaginable. All people want to do is create the next amazing business niche and be rich. Will money save us from the increasing number of natural catastrophes that is happening in the world? For example, the drying of the groundwater leaves most regions exposed to a higher probability of seismic activity leading to tsunamis and earthquakes among many other devastating phenomena.

The big question behind all this data is which the world we want is. Also, what are we doing like a group of human beings to save the planet from natural resource depletion and pollution annihilation? There are certain ecologic indicators such as global warming, extinction, climate change, drought, floods that should not be overlooked. Also, the diseases that accompany such drastic changes can be potentially mortal to human kind as well as other species.

The pollution of the water in the world is disastrous to many forms of water species as well as human kind. If we contaminate, overexploit and kill the animals living in seas, lakes and rivers, the ecosystems that were once formed and perfect can turn out to be extinct before we realize about it.

There is no easy way out from this juxtaposition of elements that create our current state of the world. Super powers and money concentration along with savage capitalism, over exploitation of natural resources, overpopulation of metropolitan areas, a careless education system and lack of social consciousness are only some of the problems the world faces as a society and that have the biggest impact on ecology. It is important to take notice of the current state the world is at right now and take action to make it a better one. There is no easy way out, just organized global action and a lot of work to reduce the damage.

The world needs more people taking care of the deepest ecologic issues and also bright minds to the service of making the world a better place rather than making money.

If we don´t act together and soon, there might not be a world to worry about tomorrow.